John Junor


Well-known lawyer and politician John Junor has few who can match up to him when it comes to execution of duty. 

The Member of Parliament for Central Manchester has benefited from the experience of serving in various government agencies and ministries and is committed to continuing his service to the people of his constituency and by extension, the nation. 

Born in 1946, Comrade Junor attended the Mount Mariah Primary, Morris Knibb Preparatory, Calabar High School, Howard University, and Grayís Inn College in England where he qualified as a Barrister-at-Law.  

Married with three children, he became actively involved in politics in 1977 and was voted in as Member of Parliament in 1989. 

Comrade Junorís career blossomed after he became Councillor for the Borobridge Division of the Manchester Parish Council. He became a member of the National Executive Council of the Peopleís National Party, and later Member of Parliament of Central Manchester. 

Recognised as a brilliant tactician and manager, he has held several positions in government, including, Minister of State in the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning, Minister of Tourism and the Environment, Minister of Local Government, Youth and Sport, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Health, Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Chairman of the Caribbean Ministerís Caucas on the Environment, Chairman of the Caribbean Ministers of Health Caucas, Assistant Secretary of the Disputes Tribunal, Senior Conciliation Officer in the Ministry of Labour, and Director of Regional Affairs at the National Housing Trust. 

Much has been achieved by Comrade Junor in Central Manchester. Among his feats are the refurbishing of several schools, including Bethabara, Broadleaf, McIntosh, and Manchester High; the provision of farming assistance; improvement of several water supply schemes, including Richmond to New Hall, Royal Flat, and Morris Town; provision of housing assistance for several needy persons; improvement to roads like Melrose Bypass, Bottom Coffee Grove, Baptist Street, Knockpatrick, Iverness, and Richmond. 

He was also instrumental in the major expansion of the Mandeville Regional Hospital and the Bombay Clinic.