Karl Blythe

Enoch Crafton Karl Blythe, a medical doctor and a Vice President of the People’s National Party, brings a certain passion to representation of the people of central Westmoreland. 

Karl Blythe was born in Montego Bay St. James, January 6, 1946 but grew up in Williamsfield, Manchester. He received his education at Haddo Primary, Cornwall College in Montego Bay, Southern University, and the University of the West Indies, where he gained his medical degree. 

Dr. Blythe has committed himself to service in the field of representational politics since 1989, serving as Member of Parliament since that time. The Vice Chairman of the PNP’s Region Six, member of the Party’s National Executive Council and member of the Party’s Executive, lists his parents, the church, the Scout Movement and former headmaster of Cornwall College, E.A. Barrett among the major influences on his life. Dr. Blythe is a member of the Grange Hill congregation of the Church of God Holiness. 

His vision for the constituency is for the communities in central Westmoreland to become economically sustainable through job creation, technology and other training for youth, education to tertiary level as well as the provision of land and shelter. In addition to a first class road network in the communities there, Dr. Blythe is committed to the transformation of the old wharf in the parish capital of Savanna-la-mar into a centre for tourism. 

Among his achievements on behalf of the constituency are the provision of housing solutions and other benefits through the Central Westmoreland Trust, which he founded; education opportunities for the empowerment of youth; several new water supply systems; assistance to farmers and the improvement of the Savanna-la-mar hospital and clinic. 

Dr. Blythe is also Chairman of the Reno Football Club.