K. D. Knight
K.D. Knight reasons that his greatest encouragement in public life comes from the people of East Central St. Catherine. 

With that in mind, he has agreed to make himself available for another five-year term of office that he hopes will be more rewarding to his constituents. 

One of the fine lawyers in the People’s National Party, Comrade Knight has a wealth of knowledge regarding politician administration. He has a prestigious career in the fields of politics, government, civic and community service. 

Apart from being a long-serving Member of Parliament for East Central St. Catherine, he holds the distinction of being the longest serving Minister of National Security and Justice, having held that portfolio for 12 years. 

That apart, Comrade Knight occupied the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

He has participated in the Hemispheric Conferences of Ministers of Defence, represented Jamaica at the United Nations World Conference on Drugs, and is credited with restructuring the recruitment and training programme of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. 

Born in Brompton, St. Elizabeth, he is married with two children and worships at the United Church in Jamaica and Grand Cayman.  

A graduate of Wolmer’s Boys School, Comrade Knight pursued higher education at Howard University and Pittsburgh University in the United States, and Grays Inn College in England where he read for the Bar.  

Throughout his school career Comrade Knight participated in and attained several awards, which were indicative of the distinguishable career that he would lead in later life. 

He served as President of the Caribbean Association of Students, was a member of the International Students Association, attained a fellowship to Pittsburgh University, and was active member of track and field and cricket teams throughout elementary and high school.