Lenworth Blake
Lenworth Blake has had a lifetime of preparation that fits him admirably to be the people’s representative for the constituency of South East St. Elizabeth. 

He is a ‘son of the soil’ of the parish. He was born in the quaint district of Gazeland on the 19th September 1952, and grew up in a large family, respected in the community for their Christian values, which he maintains.  

In enhancing his cultural nurturing in this breadbasket parish, he has enhanced himself tremendously through education in Jamaica and abroad. He is a graduate of Lititz Primary, St. Elizabeth Technical High, and Western Carolina University.  

Among his demonstrated good works and goodwill regarding his parish, particularly South East St. Elizabeth, are his effective efforts to develop people centred institutions. For example, many point to the improvements made to the maternity wing of a Medical Complex, the construction of much needed road, and development of housing lots. He has tackled admirably the construction of a medical complex, a trade-training centre, library, post offices, and market.  

He is sensitively aware, as a councillor, of the many problems that need to be faced practically in his constituency - unemployment, better roads and drainage, improved water supply, etc - and it is this awareness that distinguishes his service and vision for the his constituency. 

A most commendable feature of this candidate is that he is a strong family man, married, with four children, and an outstanding community member, and citizen of Jamaica, known widely for his Christian values. 

As a member of the People’s National Party he has served in several important positions, with distinction. He has been a member of the National Executive Council, Councillor, Vice-Chairman of the South East St. Elizabeth Executive, and Chairman of the St. Elizabeth Youth Organization. 

His vision is to better harness what he sees as the tremendous resources of South East St. Elizabeth for exponential growth.