Leopold Hylton

Businessman and real estate developer Leopold Hylton is hoping to get a chance to convert May Pen into one of the best towns in Jamaica and use the Denbigh show ground as a major entertainment centre for all. 

Running on the People’s National Party ticket in the Central Clarendon constituency, Comrade Hylton, who is no stranger to politics, sees the main challenges of the constituency as unemployment, bad roads, poor drainage, inadequate housing, the lack of a proper skills training centre and insufficient recreational activities for the young and old. 

Comrade Hylton was born on January 3, 1947 in Clarendon and has served as Councillor for the May Pen West Division in the Clarendon Parish Council. 

He has held several positions in may organisations, among them the Rotary Club of May Pen, of which he is a past president and vice chairman, the Clarendon Parish Library, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the of the May Pen Hospital, as well as being a member of the Bucks Haven Citizens Association. 

Having a special interest in sport makes Leopold Hylton appreciate the need for the advancement of sporting activities and programmes in Central Clarendon, something that he remains committed to regardless of the outcome of the vote.