Lloyd Hill

Son of Hanover, Lloyd Hill has a very extensive political background, which has led to multiple successes in the spheres of community and civic life in the western Jamaica parish. 

As Mayor of Lucea, and having achieved many of his objectives, Hill argues that he can better serve the people of Eastern Hanover by putting himself forward for office of Member of Parliament for the constituency.  

At the constituency level, already Comrade Hill has ensured the advancement of Eastern Hanover, by contributing immensely to the upliftment of his people.

The list of achievements include repairs to schools like Mount Peto Basic, Haughton Grove, Copse, Cacoon Castle, Watford Hill, Hannah, and Maryland; and road repairs to Austin Taylor Drive, Elgin Town, Montpelier, and Cascade to Jericho. 

The number of street lights in the communities of Chester Castle, Cascade, and Jericho have significantly increased as a result of Hillís involvement. 

He also assisted with community development initiatives at Mount Peto and Sandy Bay Community Centres, and the Montpelier Sports Complex. 

There has also been a far better water supply scheme to the areas of Bessie Baker, Cold Spring, Cascade, Claremont, and Miles Town, as a result of Comrade Hillís impressive display of hard work. 

Originally from the district of Haddington in Hanover, Comrade Hill.attended Sandy Bay All-Age, Bethel All-Age, Cornwall College, the Jamaica Institute of Management, and the UWI School of Continuing Studies.  

He has six children and has an avid interest in sports. A Baptist, Hill, who grew up in Sandy Bay, has been in representational politics for the past four years. 

His social activities include Chairman of the PNP parish and constituency youth organisation, Secretary of the East Hanover Executive Committee, Chairman for the Sandy Bay Division, Chairman of the East Hanover Executive Committee, member of the National Executive Council, Chairman of the Sandy Bay Sports Development Council, President of the Montpelier Citizenís Association, Councillor of the Sandy Bay Division, Mayor of Lucea, Chairman of the Hanover Parish Council, and member of the board of the World Conference of Mayors.