Michael Peart
Like many of his colleagues in the People’s National Party, Michael Peart believes in a having in place a well-educated and properly trained population. 

In the constituency of South Manchester, education and training, he believes must be improved so as to allow constituents to become more competitive. 

South Manchester, Comrade Peart argues has tremendous potential for growth. Apart from the involvement of the bauxite industry, the transformation of subsistence farming as a viable investment which will further advance the economy, is also a priority. 

Comrade Peart is involved in a wide array of activities at the community, national and political levels. Apart from being Member of Parliament, he has served as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Planning and member of the Manchester Football Association.

 At the constituency level, his achievements include the upgrading of the educational infrastructure, the construction of three high schools, improvement in the water supply system and road networks. 

London-born Peart came to Jamaica shortly after birth on April 20, 1948. Married with five children, he is an Electrical Engineering Consultant. 

A member of the United Church, he received his education at St. Paul of the Cross Preparatory, Manchester High, the College of Arts Science and Technology (now UTECH), and the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology.

 He enjoys football, cricket, and computer technology.