Oliver Clue

From a successful life in football, Horace liver Clue has transmitted that success onto the political playfield and asserts that the game of improving life for the citizens of East Rural St. Andrew is far from over. 

Popularly known as Oliver, Comrade Clue made the transition from frontline football coach in 1993, when he was elected by the people to represent them in Parliament. 

Before entering the House of Representatives, Comrade Clue held the distinction of being one of three Jamaicans to coach a Manning Cup team and a daCosta Cup team to victory in schoolboy football.  

At age 41 when he first became Member of Parliament, Comrade Clue grew and learned on the job and now at age 50 he believes that he has become far more knowledgeable and better able to deal with the needs of his constituents. 

Already, he has seen to the construction of the Mount Fletcher All Age School, the renovation of the Dallas Junior High, and the building of the Wickie Wackie housing. 

Several roads, among them the Harbour View Roundabout to Ten Miles, Bull Bay, the Nine Miles to Bito/Bloxborough road, Constitution Hill to Papine, Jacks Hill/Skyline main road, Newcastle to Irish Town, Kintyre Road, Gordon Town to Penfield. 

Over 30 communities enjoy house to house telephone services as a result of Comrade Clue’s intervention, as over 5,000 lines have been installed in all areas. 

The Rural Electrification Programme is also benefitting 2,000 more people. 

Comrade Clue has also improved the water supply system in the constituency, with the installment of water tanks, and a better house to house distribution system that is benefitting 5,000 citizens. 

Being a sportsman, there have been various sporting competitions and events in East Rural St. Andrew conducted under the guidance and assistance of Comrade Clue.   

A Member of the People’s National Party’s National Executive Council for 20 years, he remains Constituency Chairman for East Rural St. Andrew. He previously served in other capacities within the party, including chairman of the St. Elizabeth Youth Organisation, Councilor/Candidate of the Santa Cruz division in 1977, and Councillor of the Brandon Hill Division in the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.  

Father of nine Clue was born on September 15, 1952 in Montego Bay, St James. He attended Montego Bay Primary, Montego Bay Secondary, St. Elizabeth Technical High ad Farhado University in Cuba. 

A member of the New Testament Church of God, Clue likes to attend sporting events and listen to music as his hobbies.