PNP UK on Jamaica's Performance in the 2004 Olympics

By Sylbourne Sydial, General-secretary PNP-UK, in a letter to the editor of the Jamaica Observer
Tuesday 2004 August 31

Jamaicans in the UK felt a great sense of pride at the performance of our athletes at the Olympics in Athens. The medals won are testament to the fact that we Jamaicans are achievers. These accomplishments, when added to Jamaica qualifying for the football world cup in France in 1998 are ample reasons for our beautiful nation to rally around the positives as the negatives tend to spread naturally. We should use all our passion in building our nation's positive ideals and develop fundamental ideologies that will propel us forward. I noted the attack levelled at Bishop Herro Blair for his recent views on how young ladies and men dress. There are major elements of truth in what he said, that's why there have been so many angry responses. The passion that we generate in fighting Bishop Blair should be transferred into positive actions. For example, we in the UK will be lobbying the British Government and the European Commission to get a better deal for our sugar industry. We are also aiming to get some form of immigration amnesty or concession for Jamaicans who have been here for years and who have a fundamental case. We also intend to bring the community together through the Diaspora Initiative launched by the Jamaican Government. It has been suggested that we lobby the Jamaican Government to ensure that Spanish Town is free from criminal elements. There are many more issues to be dealt with, but let us deal with them one at a time. Let us move from our scathing attacks on people who are trying to do something, and do something ourselves. Let our actions speak wonders. Our athletes did. Now we owe them a duty to do likewise.

Sylbourne Sydial

People's National Party

89 Old Hope Road

Kingston 6, Jamaica W.I.



Website: pnpjamaica.com