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The Patriots





In a quick response, the caucus of Young Professionals of the Peoples National Party, The Patriots, has expressed deep regret at the move by G2K to join their Party Leader, Mr. Edward Seaga, in politicizing gang violence in West Kingston and placing the blame on the Peoples National Party.

The Patriots note, that rather than engaging in the "Old Style politics" of personal attacks and political confrontation, G2K would do well to join the Patriots in its efforts to sustain the non-confrontational approach to politicking that has been a singular achievement and hallmark of the P.J. Patterson-led administration - an approach that seeks to rid the people of Jamaica in general and of West Kingston in particular of a sad history of violence.

The Patriots dismiss G2K's criticisms of Dr. Peter Phillips and insist that the complete rejection of" Old Style politics must involve the rejection and retirement of Edward Seaga. The fact is that the way Mr. Seaga has handled the recent upsurge of violence in his constituency is symptomatic of his whole approach to politics. Without one scintilla of evidence for his statement, and conclusive evidence to the contrary, Mr. Seaga belligerently rushed to accuse the PNP, thereby politicizing what everyone knew was gang-related violence in his constituency.

In any event, if G2K is not cowardly they will join with the rest of the country and demand an answer to the many questions surrounding Mr. Seaga's relationship with the criminal Eli Tisona. Mr. Seaga has remained silent on this very pertinent issue despite repeated attempts by journalists to have him provide answers.

Rather than attack the PNP, G2K should seek truth on these matters and peace more generally. This is the only path to a New Jamaica.

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