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The Patriots





In light of recent questions about Mr. Audley Shaw's allocation of Social and Economic Support Programme (SESP) funding, the young professional group of the PNP, the Patriots, would like to raise some questions which might demonstrate the need for further investigations into this matter.

Firstly, how does Mr. Shaw explain the movement of monies from his SESP allocation to his Hardware establishment, over at least the past six months?

Secondly, how does he explain the inflated prices of items purchased with his SESP funds from his hardware store?

The Patriots own investigations have turned up invoices that require clarification (please see attached invoices for further information).

The Patriots demand that in light of his allegations of political impropriety by public officials, including the Finance Minister, in the disposal of FINSAC Assets, Mr. Shaw should ensure his own hands are clean before uttering malicious and inflammatory statements to the public.

Noting that the JLP Deputy Leader is also Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, the PAC, - a position requiring impeccable ethics in reality and in appearance, The Patriots declared that Mr. Shaw should follow through on his public promise to invite the Auditor General to review the use of his SESP allocations in his North East Manchester constituency.

We are sure that Mr. Shaw is aware of the saying, that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.

The Patriots intend to keep this issue in the public domain until the PAC Chairman sets the record straight.


Contact: Christopher Brown   777-7126
                  Donovan Nelson      381-0284

                  July 12, 2001

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