The Patriots

The Patriots




Support for POLSAC

The PATRIOTS, a group of young professionals, lends its support to POLSAC (Police Support Action Committee) in its demonstration of solidarity with the Police.

The Group notes that these are challenging times in which criminal gangs have shown a brazen willingness to attack and kill even officers of the Law.

The PATRIOTS reaffirms the dignity of policemen and their right to ensure their safety in the face of gunfire.

We are anxious for further clarity about the incident at Braeton, but urge all Jamaicans to support the Police as an institution necessary for the conduct of an orderly and civilized society.

We call upon Jamaicans for Justice and the Jamaican Bar Association et al to raise their voices with equal shrillness when a Police Officer, a Headmaster, a Thirteen year old girl is raped and murdered and women have their throats slashed in the middle of the day or in their homes. We also call upon them to forget their agenda political and otherwise and to respect process. Further to desist from undermining every lawfully constitutive institution in this society. It is our lives and our Country, which are at stake.

Contact:  Donovan Nelson      818-1112
                  Christopher Brown   777-7126


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