The Patriots

The Patriots





Norman Manley stated quite emphatically that it takes political action to stir a country into a state of national consciousness, and it is a result of that truism that The Patriots was formed on February 9, 2001.

The Patriots emerged primarily to give political organization to Young Professionals within the Peoples National Party who constitutionally exceed the age limit (33 years) of the Peoples National Party Youth Organization.

We believe that we are at a critical juncture in the country's development today which requires a coming together of all well thinking, patriotic minded Jamaicans to step forward and play an integral role in determining the course that the country undertakes.

That said, we believe that the traditions of the PNP and its management and restructuring of the country since its birth and more so since 1989, puts it in good stead to continue the visionary leadership that will be needed at this time.

The National, Regional and Global situation that confronted the new PNP government of 1989 - end of preferentialism, end of Cold War largesse, loss of Aid etc - required the government to undertake a massive reorganization of the economy and society. In other words, it required the creation of a New Jamaica.

This New Jamaica was required if Jamaica was to stand on its own creditably in a fiercely competitive Post Cold War World.

The Patriots is of the firm resolve that all that the government has done since 1989 have been part of this project of building the New Jamaica.

Indeed, an analysis of the Party's performance in government over the last 12 years would indicate that some fundamental initiatives have been undertaken which have brought many Jamaicans - hitherto excluded - into main stream society - just look at the

Liberalization of the Motor Vehicle Industry
Liberalization of the Telecommunications Industry
Liberalization of the Foreign Exchange Market

Additionally, this New Jamaica is being realized through the:

  • Transformation of the Public Transportation System
  • Provision of Greater Housing Solutions
  • Provision of Greater Access to Tertiary Education
  • Expansion of our Shipping Ports
  • Expansion of Rural Electrification
  • Providing more than 300 communites with Water
  • Reform of the Financial Sector
  • Stabilizing the Economy
  • Upgrading and Expansion of our Airports
  • The Aggressive Highway Construction Programme
  • The Move from 1 to 3 Universities
  • Construction of New and Expansion of Existing Hospitals
  • Public Sector Reform - Creation of Executive Agencies, and,
  • the Reform and tightening of our Justice System.

We believe that we are on the road to building, the kind of World Class, World Competitive society - A New Jamaica - one that we cannot turn back from now!

We are proud of the achievements to date, and we have now decided to organize and get involve directly, to ensure that the PNP has the opportunity to continue its work.

Indeed, The Patriots implore all well thinking Jamaicans to get involve and to demand credible and real solutions from anyone who portends to have the answers to the challenges with which we are now faced.

We are proud of representing a generation that is not prepared to operate in a climate of business as usual. We are committed to advocating for reforms that will lead to greater accountability, good governance and transparency in government, and the fullest development of all our resources (Human and Natural) so as to secure larger opportunities by investment, towards the advancement and prosperity of all Jamaicans.


The Patriots

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