Paul Robertson

One of the experienced brains in the hierarchy of the People’s National Party is Dr. Paul Robertson.

The former university lecturer has transformed himself into one of the great political workers of his generation and is destined to achieve far more than even he bargained for when he started his political career.

His academic achievements are glittering. A former student of Oberlin High and Jamaica College, Comrade Robertson has lectured and served as a research associate at the University of the West Indies. 

On the political side, Dr. Robertson has served as deputy general secretary of the People’s National Party, general secretary and member of the Cabinet. 

He has been Minister of Industry and Commerce, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, earning high praise for his brilliance and capacity to be an effective policy director. He was also a member of the Senate. 

The Campaign Director for the PNP’s 2002 election thrust, Dr. Robertson has many progressive plans for the people of South East St. Catherine. 

Born on July 7, 1946, in St. Andrew, Comrade Robertson believes that at age 56 his journey up the political ladder is only half way.