Peter Phillips
Peter Phillips, 53, is in the vanguard as a leader in the nation, and within the party. What distinguishes him in particular is his record of impressive performance, academically, socially, and politically. 

He attended Jamaica College and later pursued and attained degrees in Economics and Government from the University of the West Indies. At the State University of New York, he pursued doctoral studies in International Political Economy, as Fullbright scholar. 

His analytic mind has been a tremendous asset in all his undertakings to advance the quality life of the people of Jamaica. 

His political appointments reflect his leadership capacity. He has served as a Senator, and as Leader of the House of Representatives, as well as in several ministerial positions. 

Perhaps no other Jamaican politician, within a similar time frame, has served in so many ministerial posts. He has been at various times: Minister of Health, Minister of Transport and Works, Minister of Special Projects in the Office of the Prime Minister, Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, and currently is the Minister of National Security.  

Within the People’s National Party, his leadership has been outstanding. He has served as General Secretary, influencing fundamental organisational changes and strategies for greater effectiveness. 

He is also a member of the Electoral Advisory Committee, and Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Task Force that steered the Greater Portmore project. 

For the last eight years he has been the People’s National Party constituency representative and Member of Parliament for East Central St. Andrew, a seat he intends to defend in the General Election of 2002. 

But his interest in politics has not been merely parochial and local for he has led Caribbean Community (CARICOM) negotiations on the San Jose Accord. 

Married, he is the father of two children.  

Among his favourite pastimes are reading, music and squash.