Phillip Paulwell


At the age of 40 Phillip Paulwell became Member of Parliament for the constituency of East Kingston and Port Royal, and the Minister of Commerce and Technology. His dynamic leadership continues to give Jamaica hope for a bright tomorrow in the Age of Information and Technology.  

A graduate of the University of the West  Indies, he holds a bachelorís degree in Law, where he obtained a degree in Law, and a Certificate in Legal Education.  

He has been also, Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, and has participated in the liberalisation of Jamaicaís Telecommunications sector and the promotion of information technology as an instrument for national growth and sustainable development. 

Among responsible key positions he has held are chairmanship of influential organisations. For example, he has been chairman of the Special Committee on Science, Technology, Health, Education and Culture of the Association of Caribbean States, and as well, chairman of the Caribbean Ministerial Council on Intellectual Property. He has been too, Managing Director/ Trade Administrator of the Trade Board, Legal Officer of the Jamaica Commodity Trading Company, and Executive Director of the Fair Trading Commission. 

At the constituency level, his achievements include: the repair of several schools and the support of several students and school programmes (Vauxhall Comprehensive, Camperdown High, Elleston High, and Paradise Basic). 

He has been instrumental in several key developments in his constituency: the providing of several housing solutions, and providing of many land titles (Manley Meadows, Bower Bank).  

Many indigents in his constituency have been given special housing assistance, and he has installed for all and sundry, three thousand new telephone lines; built and upgraded several community facilities (the construction of a park at McIntyre Villa, the cleaning of Springfield Park, the cleaning of drains and gullies); and renovated several roads (New Castle Drive, Michael Manley Boulevard). 

For his outstanding service in many fields, he has been recipient of the Annual Gleaner Honour Award, and from the Caribbean Telecommunication Union, he has received a silver medal. 

Of course, much more needs to be done, if he is to fulfil his vision to create a knowledge-based society in which all Jamaicans are stakeholders and beneficiaries.