Phyllis Mitchell

Phyllis Mitchell has reason to believe that the people of North East St. Catherine will leave no doubt as to who wins the seat when ballots are counted on election day, October 16. 

Having secured a clear victory in the 1993 election, Comrade Mitchell was declared winner of the seat in 1997, only to lose it in court in later years. 

But her hard work throughout the constituency has seen more people appreciating it and gravitating towards her, thereby making her task of an overwhelming victory that more real, she reasons. 

Armed with a solid teaching background, Comrade Mitchell has served the Ministry of Education and Culture as its Minister of State. 

But her political achievements began before, when she was made Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Housing and the Environment. 

She also served as Chairman of the Political Education Commission, Chairman of the Guy’s Hill Division, and Chairman of North East St. Catherine. 

Muirhouse in St. Ann welcomed her as another citizen of that community at birth on April 25, 1945 and after attending Muirhouse All Age and Christiana Secondary School, she successfully completed a course of study at St. Joseph’s Teachers College. 

Further studies at the University Reading, where she gained a Bachelor’s degree and the University of the West Indies saw her attaining a Master’s degree. 

She pledges to continue focussing on programmes that will facilitate greater autonomy among her constituents.