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Monday, September 30, 2002

The people of Yallahs in Western St. Thomas are looking forward to having a ‘state-of-the-art’ $6-million entertainment complex, in the near future. 

People’s National Party candidate for that constituency area, Anthony Hylton, is spearheading the project, in association with the Yallahs Civic Committee. 

The announcement was made Monday, September 23, in the first issue of the People’s National Party Western St. Thomas constituency’s newsletter, Western Rock

The monthly, four-page publication, which made its debut a day after Prime Minister P.J. Patterson announced October 16 as election day, also highlighted several achievements by Member of Parliament Hylton, in his nine years as the people’s parliamentary representative for that constituency.  

The entertainment complex, Hylton said, would symbolize the transformation of Western St. Thomas from being a heavily dependent rural agricultural economy, to a knowledge-based service economy. 

In commenting on the features and function of the proposed centre, Mr. Hylton said it would have a modern multi-track, digital technology recording studio, costing approximately US$50, 000, designed to facilitate the training of individuals in studio operations and provide them with opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.  

The facilities, he said, is intended to become a forum for cultural expression and also provide access to information and create linkages. 

The complex, according to Western Rock, will house a music studio, using mainly digital technology which will cost about US$50,000. 

Under the development plan, there will be a professional stage, and picnic-like accommodation. Training will be provided for music, voice, drama and dance. It is expected that talent from the parish will be recruited as teachers, motivators and producers. 

A “one-stop” recording studio and a communication centre is also planned. 

Many groups, including 24 youth clubs within Yallahs and surrounding areas are expected to benefit from the establishment of the complex.