Regional Organising Seminar News

KINGSTON, (PNP HQ). 2004 April 1 Issue

The party secretariat has recently been holding a series of Regional Organizing Seminars under the theme Organize to transform. The purpose of these regional organizing seminars is to increase the sense of ownership from all levels of leadership and to make each individual responsible for the level of organisational management necessary to transform and rebuild the Party.  The seminars are participatory in style and aim to meet the following objectives


      Information Sharing Listening to the soundings from the Ground and seeking to build the capacity for problem solving.

      Energizing a sample of the Leaders and intending to create a ripple effect.

      Making a Plan & Making a Plan Work the 2nd Half of the Political Year


The participants in the seminars comprise of

         Constituency Chairpersons

         Constituency Vice Chairpersons (Duly Elected)

         Constituency Secretaries

         Constituency Treasurers

         Electoral/Enumeration Officer

         Divisional Chairpersons


         Members of Parliament

         Group leaders and Group members


In this update we present a sample of comments that were made by participants on the evaluation forms. The second set of comments represent the regional organizing seminar held for regions 4.

Region 4 Comments

Opinions on the Format of the Seminar        Additional Comments

The Seminar was organized and vibrant

Well done, good idea

The format of the seminar was overall good, I have learnt some new things to take back to my division

Overall it was good

Very good, it was evident that much thought went into the selection of the topics that were discussed. I go back to my constituency very motivated

The seminar should be done at least twice per year

I believe format was well organized. Facilitators knew what they were about, they forced us to think


I think it was very good and that it should be adopted to each constituency with the assistance of co coordinators

I think a wider cross section of the secretariat could be present to give moral support

Good effort, should be done more often. We must have seminars of this format with professionals and businesspersons.

Great move, but what next, does it stop here?

Well organized and educational

This is a great way to build great leaders for a transforming party

It gives a clear example how to assign responsibilities and work as a team in our divisions and constituencies

I feel heartened by the new Secretariats work, keep it going.

The format of the seminar was well organized

The seminar was very informative and productive

Why wasnt this format tried before? Whoever thought it up should be commended

The level of participation by individuals was impressive

Very good format


The seminar was well organized. The facilitators were appropriate. The format was very interesting and planned

We need to put into action the things that were discussed. I commend the discipline displayed at all levels

The seminar was very well planned. The groups were involved in the discussions. Everyone participated well.


The Format of the seminar was good. It allowed each individual to give his/her opinion and suggestion. It facilitated learning

If members of the groups carry out their task then the party will continue to do well.

The format allows the regular party worker to feel that he/she has an integral input. Let us hope our suggestions are made visible to us.


The format of the seminar was very creative thus enabling us to meet our objectives

We should meet more often like this as a region and a parish

Very Good. First world type. The treatment one would receive if one went on a business executive meeting of any large corporation

Good effort by Secretariat. Well appreciated, do it again in 12 months

The seminar was very informative and persuasive, and seemed to me to have a clear starting point from which to head to progress

Need to have more seminars like this to motivate young people to get involved

      April 2004 

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