Regional Organising Seminar News

KINGSTON, (PNP HQ). 2004 March 1 Issue

The party secretariat has recently been holding a series of Regional Organising Seminars under the theme Organize to transform. The purpose of these regional organizing seminars is to increase the sense of ownership from all levels of leadership and to make each individual responsible for the level of organisational management necessary to transform and rebuild the Party.  The seminars are participatory in style and aim to meet the following objectives


      Information Sharing Listening to the soundings from the Ground and seeking to build the capacity for problem solving.

      Energizing a sample of the Leaders and intending to create a ripple effect.

      Making a Plan & Making a Plan Work the 2nd Half of the Political Year


The participants in the seminars comprise of

         Constituency Chairpersons

         Constituency Vice Chairpersons (Duly Elected)

         Constituency Secretaries

         Constituency Treasurers

         Electoral/Enumeration Officer

         Divisional Chairpersons


         Members of Parliament

         Group leaders and Group members

In this update we present a sample of comments that were made by participants on the evaluation forms. The first set of comments represent the regional organizing seminar held for regions 1&2, while the second set of comments represent comments made at the regional organizing seminar for regions 5&6.

 Regions 1&2 Comments

      Opinions on the Format of the Seminar           Additional Comments

                    Format very good, energizing and stimulating. Reflecting change


                    We must implement and follow through on issues revised and discussed.


                    Excellent format that facilitated participation by all. It was also very intense and focused. It led to persons leaving with clear tasks in mind

                    These sessions are energizing and it would be good to have one each quarter.

                    Well thought out and effectively utilized to achieve group work. It also allowed for effective management and control of seminar

                    The transformation/rebirth of the PNP will be achieved through similar seminars. However we need to begin seminars on time

                    Should be repeated

                    Very good Seminar

                    It is a practical way of learning, especially for adults. However more time was needed. Work paper could be sent to the individual two weeks in advance, leaving more time for presentation and discussion

                    I am very happy to see the changes taking place in the party. Learning must take place.

                    The format was good. Each participant was given ample time to express his/her view. More of this is needed.


                    More was achieved than Expected. It has brought about new life in the organization. It was refreshing to sit with other constituencies, especially with constituencies outside my parish.


                    Seminar was well organized and orderly conducted. Participation was forthcoming and productive

                    I think it should be a quarterly event and move from constituency to constituency.


Regions 5&6 Comments

Opinions on the Format of the Seminar              Additional Comments

  • Applaud able. Group work good. Atmosphere conducive to whole day interaction.
  • Cde Webber is attacking issues and must be motivated and encouraged. Total team effort is evident.
  • The Format is good
  • If we put to work the works that come out of these meetings, transformation is a must.
  • The level of representation was good, eg. MPs and speakers. We were able to interact with other comrades out of our division/constituency.
  • If all the solutions are put together then the PNP is on its way to a fifth term.
  • The seminar was very informative organized and dynamic
  • The format of the seminar was good apart from the absence of young people. I believe there should be a session for the youths
  • Another seminar of this kind should be planned for the youths in the region. The party should reach out to grassroots people more.
  • It was very informative and educational
  • I wish the party will have more seminars like these.
  • The seminar was informative educational and inspirational
  • I would like the party to plan more seminars at different venues to get more comrades educated.
  • Very Good
  • Keep them more often
  • Good
  • Seminar was good. Need more seminars like these
  • It was well organized and represents a good concept
  • It was a good seminar. We need more of them
  • We should get all the leaders to these seminars.
  • Overcrowded
  • Need to see action, follow up and feedback
  • The seminar was well put together and I have learnt a lot
  • I have been empowered and will take back points from this seminar to my constituency
  • Excellent organization and long overdue
  • Hopefully the participants will take back the message and ignite the communities with the flame of passion.

March 2004.

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