Incumbent PNP Vice Presidents Returned - Blythe gets most votes

KINGSTON, (PNP HQ). Updated  2005 February 5,  6:28 p.m. EST.


The PNP vice presidential elections are now over and the official results are in.  Party Chairman Robert Pickersgill and General Secretary Burchell Whiteman assembled the delegates inside the orange and black decorated auditorium of the Mico Teacher's College to hear the election results. The Director of the Elections Party Treasurer Dr. Vincent Lawrence announced the results: A total of 1,559 delegates voted. Of this number 28 votes were spoilt, thus 1,531 valid votes were cast.  Voters had been told to vote for any four of the five candidates on the ballot, as voting for less than four or any other indication would be considered spoilt.  The votes for each candidates were as follows: (click on each candidate's name for a profile)

Comrade Dr. Karl Blythe - 1,443 votes
Comrade Portia Simpson-Miller - 1,385 votes
Comrade Dr. Peter Phillips - 1,229 votes
Comrade Dr. Paul Robertson - 1,203 votes
Comrade Paul Burke - 864 votes

Speaking to a sea of orange-clad supporters and media reporters Dr. Blythe, obviously overcome with jubilation, expressed happiness at not only winning one of the coveted four vice presidential positions but also polling the most votes in the elections. "I want to say thank you God, and thank you to the delegates" he said. When asked about the way forward,  Comrade Blythe said it was time to work with the Party President to continue to process of transformation for the Party, and to go on to win the next (national) elections. "We will unite the Party and move forward", he said.

Comrade Blythe expressed surprise at polling the most votes but was adamant it would not detract him from his planned work programme. "I'm very focussed, the presidential race is a different race. My strategy is to be not only in the hearts of the delegates but in their homes, visit them...when they work very hard for us, do not ignore them" he said. He told reporters to expect a continuation of his work, saying "we have the transformation process; from this day forward I will work to unite the Party, rebuild the Party."

"Today I say thanks, never underestimate the power of the delegates. We are a democratic Party, all our delegates have a basic right which they can exercise...God bless this great Party, long may this Party continue to govern this country, long may our comrades continue to work for this Party!"

When asked why he thought Comrade Paul Burke had not succeeded in his bid for one of the four vice presidential positions, Dr Blythe said it was his opinion that the delegates thought that the four incumbent Vice Presidents had worked hard at the task that had been given to that and that is why the delegates returned them as vice presidents.

Comrade Paul Burke, speaking to reporters after the official results were announced, said of the elections, "it was a good warm up exercise." He said though he had also dropped out of the race for president of the Party, there were other options for him to consider.

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KINGSTON, (PNP HQ). 2005 February 5

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