PNP Vice Presidential Election Now On!

KINGSTON, (PNP HQ). 2005 February 5


The elections for the four positions of Vice President of the People's National Party are now underway at the Mico Teacher's College at 1A Marescaux Road, Kingston 5.  The elections were originally scheduled to be held in September 2004 at the 66th annual conference of the party, but was postponed twice. The conference itself was first postponed as a result of the passage of hurricane Ivan over Jamaica, and was held on Saturday 2005 January 22 at the National Arena in Kingston. The original 3-day conference was scaled down to 1 day.  During the session for elections, Party President and current Prime Minister of Jamaica Comrade P. J. Patterson was nominated and returned unopposed as Party President. However, when the nominations for the four positions of Vice President were opened, former Chairman of Region 3 Paul Burke shocked the conference when he was nominated along with the four incumbent Vice Presidents.  It was clear that the conference had expected the four incumbents to be returned unopposed. In keeping with the democratic traditions of the Party however, various consultations were hurriedly held and Party Leader P. J. Patterson suggested that the elections be postponed until February 5 to allow the Party to prepare for the elections.

The elections take on new significance in the eyes of the voting delegates and the wider public, particularly because four of the five contenders have offered themselves for the top position of Party President, expected to become vacant in the near future when current Party President P. J. Patterson is expected to step down. The five candidates are Comrade Portia Simpson-Miller, Comrade Dr. Peter Phillips, Comrade Dr. Paul Robertson, Comrade Dr. Karl Blythe and Comrade Paul Burke. Comrades Simpson-Miller, Phillips, Blythe and Burke are among six comrades who have indicated that they intend to run for Party President when the position becomes vacant. The other comrades are current Party Chairman Comrade Robert Pickersgill and current Region Three Chairman Comrade Dr. Omar Davies.

A similar drama took place in the 2003 vice presidential election where Dr. Paul Robertson entered the race and ousted Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke as Vice President. (Click here to see related story.) Comrade Clarke was later named as Vice President Emeritus.

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I have the qualities of a good leader - Portia
The Jamaica Gleaner,  Sunday January 30, 2005

Portia regains lost ground - Once again seen as best to lead
PNP Sunday, February 24, 2002

Profile of the Honourable Portia Simpson-Miller
Jamaica Information Service

Comrade Portia Simpson-Miller
Phillips declares candidacy
By Omar Anderson, The Jamaica Gleaner,  Thursday January 13, 2005

Dr Phillips and the clearing of the wool
Editorial, The Jamaica Observer,  Friday, January 14, 2005

Profile of Dr. the Honourable Peter Phillips
Jamaica Information Service

Comrade Peter Phillips
Profile of Dr. Paul Robertson
Jamaica Information Service

A Gift That Deserves Recognition
By Imogene Hines Posted Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Comrade Paul Robertson
Blythe Won't Challenge PJ
Caribbean News, Aug 20, 2003

Blythe Blasts Angus Report
The Jamaica Observer, 2002 April 20

Comrade Karl Blythe

Burke could forego PNP presidency bid
The Jamaica Gleaner, Tuesday January 25, 2005

Burke confident of victory But three groups say they'll not support him
TANEISHA DAVIDSON, The Jamaica Observer, Saturday, February 05, 2005

Comrade Paul Burke



















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