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New stadium for Clarendon and St. Catherine


Peopleís National Party (PNP) President, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson  yesterday said that during his administrationís next term in office a new stadium would be built near the border of Clarendon and St.Catherine, while the Milk River Spa would be modernised. He added that Highway 2000 now under construction would feature an industrial park along the way, paving the way for the creation of jobs. 

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister noted that lands which are currently leased to the Victoria Banana Estates will revert to the government and placed into sugar cane cultivation. 

Speaking at a PNP public meeting in Lionel Town yesterday, (Wednesday October 2), Mr. Patterson stated that sugar cane is the lifeblood of Clarendon and steps will be taken to modernise the industry. This, he said, will ensure that factories such as Monymusk can get the volume of cane required for sugar production. 

The PNP leader said the party was fit and ready to go to work on the 17th of October in building more schools and houses across Jamaica and making social amenities, including water and electricity, more widely available. 

The Prime Minister also noted that the aerodrome at Vernamfield would be upgraded to an airport equipped as a trans-shipment cargo terminal, while a new town would be built at Inverness with schools, churches and designated areas for commercial activity. 



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Date:       October 3, 2002