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Resist provocation,’ Patterson tells PNP supporters


President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has urged supporters of his ruling People’s to remain calm and peaceful even in the face of provocation by supporters of other parties.  Mr. Patterson says that while he was pleased that Nomination Day activities were carried out in relative peace, he was concerned about the turn of events in the last few days. 

Mr. Patterson told party supporters at a public meeting in Lionel Town, Clarendon on Wednesday (October 2) that a system had been implemented whereby the Political Ombudsman would endeavour to bring harmony where differences occurred between political parties.
You can resist provocation because in every part of the island the PNP is heavy. The PNP is strong, Mr. Patterson said.  

The Party President noted that he had invested a lot of his time, energy and political capital to reduce political tension and renewed the call for a peaceful election campaign. He noted that any party that indulges in violence would have a heavy price to pay as Jamaicans were tired of violence in any shape or form. 

Mr. Patterson stressed however, that the PNP would emerge victorious on election day because of its superior record and the high quality team it has assembled to run the country.