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President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Prime Minister P.J. Patterson says the proposals put forward in the PNP’s manifesto are those it will implement in the next term in office. He says the PNP has no intention of misleading the people of Jamaica.  

Mr. Patterson said the PNP proposes to abolish final Appeals to the UK Privy Council and establish instead, the Caribbean Court of Justice. He said the PNP is firm in the view on the issue that persons involved in heinous murders should pay the ultimate price in accordance with the laws of Jamaica. The PNP President was speaking at the opening of the Party’s West Central St. Andrew constituency office on Thursday (October 3). Music promoter Patrick Roberts is representing the PNP in that constituency. 

And at a public meeting in Maverly Thursday night, Mr. Patterson said Jamaica now boasts the best electoral system  the country has ever seen. This, he noted, would allow Jamaicans to exercise their freedom of expression on election day. He said the electoral system was a first rate one which had been perfected by Jamaica.                                                  

Mr. Patterson noted that violence remains the most formidable obstacle to progress in Jamaica and must be eradicated. He said the country was at war with gunmen and drug traffickers, for its very survival. He added that it was important for the election campaign to be peaceful as in the next term in office, his government does not wish to build on the ashes of political violence, but on the foundation that has been laid for free and fair elections. 

The Prime Minister said that while not attempting to be arrogant, he believed  he is uniquely suited to bring Jamaica together as one, adding that this was a mission to which he was committed. 

He went on to say that a democratic and peaceful election is essential to the future of Jamaica, as despite differing ethnic background, we are all one people and must be able to live together in harmony.




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Date:       October 4, 2002