Richard Azan
Richard Azan is among 23 new faces running on the People’s National Party ticket in the October 16 general elections. 

The thriving businessman will seek the people’s backing in North West Clarendon and hopes that if that happens, he would form part of a team that will continue the rebuilding of the nation. 

Married with one child, Comrade Azan was born on June 8, 1964. He attended Spalding Primary and Secondary schools.  

Comrade Azan is a member of the Board of Directors for several schools, member of the Spalding/ Christiana Red Cross, member of the Spalding Branch Library Committee, Chairman of the Parish Committee of the People’s National Party, Constituency Chairman of North West Clarendon, member of the National Executive Committee of the People’s National Party, and member of the Regional Executive Committee.  

Although being a virtual newcomer to representational politics, Comrade Azan has already established his form of rapid response to needs of his constituents.  

Evidence has been documented to show that Comrade Azan assisted in the improvement of the Frankfield High, Garlogie Junior High, Leichesterfield Junior High, Sanguinetti Primary, and Alston High school and has helped with the improvement of the Frankfield and Cumberland Health Centres. 

The renovation of roads, including those at Sodom, Alston, Bottom Smith, Low Woods, Dykes Hill, and Bryan's Piece were partly due to his efforts. 

He also expanded telephone services to Spalding, Top Alston, Silent Hill, Bryan's Land, Santa Hill, White Shop, and Fearon; installed new water pipelines at Bailleston, and from Bottom Smith to Alston. 

The expansion of electricity services to Low Wood District, Blake Street, King’s Street, Sunshine, and Springfield round off some of Comrade Azan’s fine achievements