Roger Clarke

Roger Clarke’s record of achievement places him in the apex of Jamaica’s political achievers. 

Comrade Clarke will represent the People’s National Party in the constituency of North East St. Elizabeth in the next elections.

A man of proven competence, Comrade Clarke prides himself on being a defender and protector of farmers and the agriculture industry and as Minister of Agriculture, has worked tirelessly to secure the best deals, locally and internationally for the players in the agriculture sector. 

Born on June 11, 1940, in Glen Islay, Westmoreland, he was educated at Williamsfield School, and Manning’s High School.  

The father of one, who enjoys playing domino and doing his gardening, remains firmly rooted in the Anglican faith. 

Not only does he have an interest in farming, but Comrade Clarke has established himself within farming circles. He has served as President of the Alliance of Caribbean Ministers of Agriculture, President of the St. Elizabeth Branch of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Chairman of the RADA Advisory Committee, St. Elizabeth, Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, Minister of Local Government, and Minister of Agriculture. He has many other accomplishments, particularly in the fields of politics, government, and community service.  

Within his constituency, Comrade Clarke sought to put infrastructural development at the forefront of his agenda and has improved several roads, electricity services, telephone facilities, water systems, educational facilities, and youth facilities within the constituency.