Sharon Hay Webster

Much of the development that has taken place in South Central St. Catherine must be credited to sitting Member of Parliament for the area, Sharon Hay Webster.  

As one who puts education at the top of her list of priorities, it was no surprise that Comrade Hay Webster managed to upgrade and improve several schools within South Central St. Catherine, as well as providing scholarships for countless students.

 Her achievements are wide and varied. She has also been successful in erecting a new Maternity Wing at the Spanish Town Hospital, improved several roads within the constituency, established the new transportation centre in Spanish Town, and will be providing over 1000 housing solutions in Twickenham Park and Portmore Villas soon. 

A career communications specialist, Comrade Hay Webster, 41, pursued undergraduate communication studies and post graduate studies at the University of the West Indies. 

She has lectured at the University of Technology, and was a Communication Research Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister. 

She also served as Media and Information and Public Education Manager at the National Investment Bank of Jamaica, as well as the Ministry of Health.

Comrade Hay Webster is a member of the House Committee, member of the Economy and Production Committee in Parliament, and Chairman of the sub committee on women and legislative support.  

An accomplished poet and member of the International Society of Poets, the mother of two also enjoys sky diving.