Solid Achievements

Solid Achievements




In December 1997, the people of Jamaica expressed their confidence in t he
policies and programmes pursued by the present Administration when we were returned for an unprecedented Third Term.

During the past three years, we have sought to fulfill the people's mandate by assiduously seeking to implement the commitments made in the Party's Election Manifesto.

We have had to face the challenges of an even more demanding world order and to resist those elements that would retard our social cohesion.

As we present this mid-term report card on our performance, we claim neither that we have been perfect, nor that the going has been easy.

But it can be asserted with pride that we have been faithful in our pledge to create a better quality of life for all Jamaicans and that there are solid achievements, which no one can successfully dispute.

We have now virtually completed the process of economic reform and institutional strengthening, while at the same time, managing to consolidate our social capital and advance the rate of human resource

We have been able  to further the fight against poverty and improve the social indicators, while managing to restore fiscal balance, yet taking our Net International Reserves to an all-time

We have succeeded in improving the country's physical infrastructure, increasing access to health and educational opportunities, while at the same time increasing pensions, the minimum wage and lifting the Income Tax threshold.

To this sample list of what has been achieved at the national level can be added a range of Constituency and Community benefits, as well as areas of personal progress, which so many of us now take for granted and often fail to realise are the direct results of sound public policies.

Even as we present this impressive record, we are keenly aware that much more remains to be done as we work towards our goal of creating a just, equitable and more caring society.

Admittedly, despite whatever constraints exist in the availability of resources, we must find the way to further improve our vast road network, to create more jobs and to win the fight against crime and

Yes, we still have some distance to go, but we are satisfied that we are indeed well along the road to a better quality of life for all.

Our accomplishments allow us to move steadfastly into the future with the confidence that we will achieve our goals.

We remain firm in the belief that there is no target beyond the grasp of the Jamaican people, who have repeatedly demonstrated their endurance and capacity for excellence in every field of chosen

In our march to empower the people in the new Millennium and beyond, we must take that extra step to forge a lasting partnership between the Government, the Leadership of Civil Society and the
People at every level "with faith in ourselves and confidence in our ability to create the Jamaica of which we all dream."

We renew herein our "determination to make this little rock, that part of the global village in which every man, woman and child can achieve his or her full potential."

I urge all Jamaicans to join us, so that together, we can continue to build our country for the lasting good of all our citizens.


P.J. Patterson

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