Solid Achievements

Solid Achievements




The People' s National Party is committed to nation-building, empowering people, and a search for social justice. The Party has pursued these goals, while seeking to develop the economy to provide
opportunities through which all Jamaicans can enjoy an acceptable standard of living.

The Party's overall philosophy may be summed up in these three words: NATIONHOOD, PROSPERITY AND JUSTICE.

The Party holds firm to these objectives, even as it commits to deeper levels of people-participation in the making of decisions and in helping communities to fashion for themselves, the type of development which best suits their particular social and economic needs.

Such attributes as fair play, equity, justice, discipline, efficiency and pride, combine to portray the overall picture of the kind of society, which the Party envisions and to which it dedicates its best

At the heart of the Party's philosophy is a desire to widen and deepen political power, expand economic opportunities to increase the number of persons who have a tangible stake in the society and economy, and to treat education as the key to individual development and future economic prosperity.

The Party’s overall aim is to improve the quality of life of all citizens, and to create a kinder, more caring, and gentler society, which looks after those less able to help themselves and which is
productive and technologically attuned.

The Party is aware that in order to achieve its objectives, it must foster a sound and competitive economy, which can create jobs, so that people can provide themselves with life’s necessities and which can hold its own in the new globally competitive world environment.

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