"We must honour our commitments to the people"



Greetings, Jamaicans and friends at home and abroad.

The formation of the People’s National Party in 1938, was in response to the aims and aspirations of a colonial people who had a burning desire to see to their own development and self-fulfillment.

The Party has always been a peoples’ movement, an organisation of people interacting with each other, and sharing ideas towards the common goal of improving the quality of their lives.

Communication has been at the heart of this process, and the Party has employed a wide range of tools, techniques and methods to ensure that it has remained constantly in touch with the heart-beat of the people.

Today, revolutionary developments in the field of information technology has brought us the Internet.  Our Party must now adopt new technologies to increase participation, and to empower our members and friends.

As President of the People’s National Party, I recognise our historic responsibility to embrace the new communication tools as our Party  prepares to  lead the country into the Information Age.

As we seek to keep pace with the emerging technologies, we welcome you to our web site. We are now adding a new dimension to our ability to reach out to you and the world. Through this site we are providing you with a forum for expressing your opinions, to share your ideas and aspirations. 

On this site you can interact  with the wider community of Jamaicans and friends at home and abroad.  We are reaching out to you here in Jamaica, at home, at school, at the workplace and in our communities.

And of course a special welcome to our overseas Jamaican community.  Your contribution has been deeply appreciated, and it remains critical to our continuing national development effort.

This web site will present information about all aspects of our national development, and our Party - its plans, its policies and its programmes. Your suggestions on the content and coverage will be seriously considered as together we build our Jamaican Home on the Web.

Your ideas and suggestions will serve to make us more vibrant and responsive. So please join us as we continue our journey towards that better quality of life which we seek for all our citizens.

This site carries the name of the Party, but we wish you to make it your site, your information exchange arena, your source of knowledge and information.

Welcome again to the PNP Web Site. Join us on our journey into the next millennium, and may your participation enable US TOGETHER, to make a dynamic contribution to the development of JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE.

P.J. Patterson
Party President