Wykeham McNeil

Dr. Wykeham McNeill has grabbed the baton handed to him by his father, the late Dr. Kenneth McNeill, and the people of Western Westmoreland are profiting from his efforts. 

As he heads for the finish line, Dr. McNeill knows that the race will involve several obstacles, but insists that he is fully qualified to hurdling them and ensure an improvement in the standard of living for his people.  

Born Kenneth Wykeham McNeill Jnr on July 18, 1950, in Kingston, the younger McNeill spent most of his junior years in York Town, May Pen and Osbourne Store in Clarendon, and is one of six children in the family.  

He attended May Pen Basic, Toll Gate Primary, Glenmuir High, and the University of the West Indies. 

Married with two children, Dr. McNeill, a medical doctor, businessman and farmer, enjoys farming, and fishing.  

Comrade McNeill has a vision that entails the training of the Western Westmoreland constituency's workforce for local and international suitability. He believes that this will lay the foundation for the constituency's development, and by so doing improve the literacy rate, the number of skilled individuals, and the value of discipline in the work force.  

In one terms as Member of Parliament for Western Westmoreland, Comrade McNeill has managed to ease the burden of his constituents. 

He has upgraded the Mount Erie, Orange Hill, Broughton, Good Hope, and Burnt Savannah water schemes; renovated roads including the Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril to Savanna-La-Mar Highway; Orange Hill, Revival; Townhead, and Wild Pen, and upgraded and refurbished the Grange Hill High, Mount Grace School, Town Head School, Broughton Primary, and Little London High School. 

He has also improved the Belle Isle Community Centre, Grange Hill Dump, Jerusalem Cemetery, Turo Playfield, Blackness Football field, and Negril Football field and facilitated the construction of several housing lots at Whitehall Estate.