With a significant number of our young people seemingly not interested in active politics, and who from all appearances are not involved in traditional politics, there is clearly an urgent need for them to be re-engaged with a view to full participation in the political and electoral process.

Being exposed to, and almost consumed by a steady diet of hopelessness through some arms of the media, less than adequate opportunities for development, selfishness, a subculture of crime, drug abuse and indiscipline, our young people today need a strong and vibrant youth organization.

In accepting this challenge, the PNP Youth Organisation will undertake an aggressive recruitment, educational and organizational programme, aimed at re-connecting the youth with the ideals of: RESPECT FOR FAMILY, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, LOVE FOR COUNTRY AND THE SOCIOECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT for all our people. The organization will also recommit itself to the building of a political youth movement, that will not only be responsive to the needs of the youth, but will provide an outlet for their intellectual and cultural talents, as well as self actualization.

The PNP Youth Organisation is convinced, that at this time, the democratic process offered by the People=s National Party, and the Party=s commitment to SOCIAL JUSTICE, ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE, AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT are the relevant avenues through which the youth will be reconnected to the mainstream of the development process in our country.

The PNPYO is further convinced that it will be through this re-engagement that our young people will take their rightful place as builders and future leaders of this our great country, Jamaica Land We Love.


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